Go and Do Likewise by Pastor Terry Kyllo


Following Jesus into our Common Humanity

Seven out of ten Americans feel our nation is dangerously divided. We live in bubbles, cut off from people with different perspectives, traditions, and cultures. We are also dangerously unequal. Many don’t have equal chances to care for their families and communities. We’re on a risky path that weakens our democracy.

So, what can people from wisdom traditions do?

Pastor Terry Kyllo from Paths to Understanding talked with leaders from many traditions. He found that we can make a difference when we get to know, work with, and respect people from diverse traditions and cultures.

Christian Nationalism adds to our divisions and unfairness. It claims that:

  • Christianity is the only way to God.
  • Christianity is God’s only way to reach us.
  • Thus, Christians are better than others and should have a higher status in the United States.

Many Christians don’t agree with Christian Nationalism. But, they often struggle to respond to it clearly in public. This struggle is partly because elements of Christian supremacy are mixed into Christian beliefs, images, spiritual practices – and our social circles.

On his journey as a follower of Jesus and a leader against religious bigotry, Terry realized:

“I was born into White Christian Supremacy. But I wasn’t born for it. Neither were you. The Creator has better ways for us to live and is restoring what was lost. Jesus invites his followers to take a long, hard, joyful, and healing journey. It’s a journey of daily baptism to find our identity among all of God’s children, all made in God’s image.”

Pastor Kyllo’s new book, “Go and Do Likewise,” shows how Jesus guides Christians to:

  • See our shared humanity.
  • Reject Christian Nationalism.
  • Follow the core teachings of the Abrahamic Traditions:
  1. Love God more than our own group or tradition.
  2. Love our neighbors as ourselves.
  3. Take care of our ecosystem and work for a fair economy.

Join this journey towards our shared humanity with “Go and Do Likewise.”

Available as a printed book, eBook, and audiobook wherever books are sold.


Terry Kyllo
Paths to Understanding
[email protected]

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