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31 Chic Pieces to Shop From the Big Zara Summer Sale


Compared to other retailers, Zara sales are actually pretty rare, which kind of makes sense—the brand is so popular that they don’t really need them that often. Each year, we get a Black Friday sale, a post-Christmas Day sale, and a summer sale. Obviously, it’s the summer sale that we’re discussing today. This isn’t past season stuff—some of these items were in the new arrivals section not all that long ago.

Zara’s big mid-year sale actually launched last week, but we thought it would be a good idea to make a few more recommendations based on what’s (shockingly) still available. The markdowns are up to 60%, which means there are plenty of options for even just $15 (or less). I scrolled through the hundreds of items and chose only the best of what’s left. Read on to make these chic summer items your own—before they’re actually gone.


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