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Dreams, courage fostered at Delaware Area Career Center


This quote by Langston Hughes represents the dreams individuals have for themselves before setting the goals to achieve them.

At the Delaware Area Career Center, we talk a lot about courage and having courageous conversations. It might seem strange to put so much emphasis on bravery when education is our primary deliverable.

Still, students make courageous decisions every day as they pursue their dreams, and students are our primary focus.

I sat down recently with four DACC students. What struck me about each is that while their stories are unique, each had to make a courageous decision to attend DACC. They are making courageous decisions to put themselves out there in front of their peers and business partners, and they are making courageous decisions as they plan for what’s next after graduation.

Gabby, a senior in the Digital Design program, was nervous coming to DACC as a junior. She felt this way because, at the time, she did not have experience with the photography, videography and music-editing technology that she assumed her peers had. She did not know students come to DACC with varying levels of experience.

Jay Poroda

When students are brave enough to display their strengths and weaknesses to their classmates, everyone can learn from each other. Gabby’s classmates encouraged her to try new things. With the confidence she gained in the classroom, she is a leader in the program, helping her peers while she reaches out to professionals in the music industry to learn from them. This has given her the confidence and clarity to plan a college and career pathway in music technology.

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