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Forget AI, Quantum Computing’s Power is Set to Become the Titan of all Industry.


Quantum computing, while not as hot a buzzword as AI, is set to unleash a tsunami-like wave of transformation in the payments industry. While quantum may still be considered in its infancy compared to generative AI, the potential of quantum computing to revolutionize the way the banks and financial institutions handle payments is nothing short of staggering.

Global Merchant Partners Director of Operations Aprile Parella

Quantum Leap in Speed and Efficiency

The easiest way to understand it is to start with traditional computing, which encodes data as a series of zeroes and ones. Quantum computing exploits the quirky behavior of sub-atomic particles, which can be in two states at the same time (a property that is called “superposition “). This unique quality will allow quantum computing to perform multiple complex related tasks simultaneously in a fraction of a second. Consider this: banking and the payments industry, long known for its turtle-like speed in fundamental fraud detection, risk analysis, transaction verification, and credit scoring – quantum computing can handle these tasks simultaneously with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Quantum will make everything we do today look comparatively like the early days of getting things done by horse and buggy.

Top 5 ways the payments space will benefit in the era of Quantum computing.

  1. Stronger Payment Security: Quantum computing presents both security challenges and innovative solutions. Implementing quantum-resistant cryptographic techniques is pivotal in protecting sensitive payment data. Quantum-safe encryption methods will replace vulnerable algorithms, ensuring that transactions remain impervious to advanced cyber threats.
  2. Real Time Fraud Protection. Harnessing the blazing processing power of quantum computers enables the swift identification and mitigation of fraudulent transactions. Suspicious transactions can be scrutinized in real time, curtailing financial losses and fortifying consumer protection.
  3. Streamlined Payment Processing: Quantum computing can potentially optimize payment processing systems, streamlining intricate payment networks for heightened efficiency. This optimization reduces transaction durations and costs, culminating in a seamless and dependable payment experience for consumers and businesses.
  4. Advanced Risk Mitigation: Quantum computing’s unparalleled ability to process vast datasets within seconds facilitates precise risk assessment. Financial institutions and payment processors can adeptly manage financial exposures while promptly identifying potential threats, thereby diminishing the risk of financial crimes.
  5. Personalized Financial Services: Quantum computing empowers the delivery of highly personalized payment services. By swiftly analyzing extensive data sets, financial entities can offer tailored solutions encompassing customized investment strategies, custom credit offers, and individualized savings plans to cater to the unique needs of their customers.

 Yes, AI is finally having its day in the sun, but quantum computing and all its potential stands to be the “new black” for business for generations to come.

Aprile Parella is the Director of Operations at Global Merchant Partners. 

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