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I’m Extremely Picky—30 Summer Finds That Stood Out to Me


When I say I’m a picky shopper, I truly mean it. I let items sit in my cart for weeks before I make a decision and spend way too much time overthinking about an item before I purchase it. (Most times, I end up passing.) So when there comes a time where I actually can’t stop thinking about a specific item, I know I truly love it. My pickiness just so happens to work in my favor for my job, since a good chunk of my mornings contain finding and sharing the most standout shopping finds so you don’t have to do the overthinking. (You’re welcome!)

Summer weather is finally upon us and I’m in a shopping mood (which is rare—despite the fact that I’m a fashion editor), so I thought I’d share the items I can’t get out of my head. I sift through dozens of sites on my search, so you’re sure to find a solid variety to shop from ahead.

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