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Instructor-Led Training Tips For SMBs On A Tight Budget (And Timeline)


How To Implement Instructor-Led Training On A Limited Budget

You’re pinching pennies and cutting corners to rapidly implement your training program. There’s not a second (or cent) to waste if you want to mitigate risks, improve productivity, and keep up with rules and regulations. But all these money-saving measures will compromise employee engagement and performance results, which defeats the purpose of your L&D initiatives and puts your bottom line in danger. How can your SMB save time and money without putting your L&D outcomes on the back burner? Here are some top instructor-led training tips to stretch your budget and shrink your timeline.

eBook Release: Instructor-Led Training Tips for SMBs: Get Maximum ROI With The Right LMS

eBook Release

Instructor-Led Training Tips for SMBs: Get Maximum ROI With The Right LMS

The right LMS can help you reduce expenses and support your top talent!

6 Tips For Applying ILT With A Narrow Budget

1. Invest In An LMS With Authoring Tools

You might think that an all-in-one LMS is out of your price range. But a system with built-in authoring features can cut costs and reduce your development timeline—especially one that includes an asset library and templates. You can convert your ILT content into digital resources. Or even give your instructors the tools they need to create supplemental resources such as modules or pre-assessments that enrich their ILT sessions and improve knowledge retention. Make sure the tool is easy to use and that you don’t need an advanced degree in graphic design (or rocket science) to create meaningful resources.

2. Host Live Events To Cut Travel Costs

Face-to-face sessions don’t mean that your employees must be in the same room. Investing in a compliance training LMS allows you to host live sessions in real-time without travel expenses. Your instructors can use the video conferencing tools to answer questions, share personal anecdotes, and help employees identify gaps. This also saves you the cost of printed training materials, since trainees are able to access online resources such as tutorials, video demos, and pop quizzes to test their comprehension. You even have the chance to turn in-house experts into live event hosts or convert recorded events into bite-sized training videos. The cost-saving possibilities are endless for your SMB.

3. Supplement ILT With Online Support Resources

Online support tools aren’t solely reserved for live events. Your employees can also use them during their moment of need to overcome workplace challenges. For example, they attend the ILT session but there’s still some confusion about the topic. They don’t know all the steps involved in the task or can’t remember the compliance policies. The LMS contains walkthroughs, infographics, and other JIT tools to fill in the gaps. They can even piece together their own course without being prompted if they want to enhance the L&D benefits. For instance, they’re prepping for a promotion and need to explore procedures or policies that go with the new job.

4. Repurpose Assets To Reduce Creation Costs

Content development can eat up a significant amount of your budget. But combining ILT and LMS can reduce creation costs and expedite your timeline. The key is repurposing assets you already have by using the all-in-one LMS. You can also invest in rapid authoring software if you choose a system that lacks built-in authoring. Instructors can develop their own content to incorporate into their ILT sessions, or this task may reside with your L&D team. For best results, take stock of the assets you have to find the best LMS. Be aware of compatibility or formatting issues, as these might cause delays or put you over budget.

5. Monitor Metrics To Improve Your ILT Strategy

Oversight is crucial, particularly in compliance training. The catch with instructor-led training is that there aren’t many metrics to go on, short of assessment results and surveys. But even those must be manually compiled and analyzed. One of the most notable perks of ILT and LMS is that you can monitor performance and progress using built-in reports, or pinpoint areas for improvement immediately so that you can intervene and avoid violations. Many LMS solutions have data visualizations to measure satisfaction scores and spot top performers (or employees who fall below the standard). Another metric to add to your weekly checklist is satisfaction scores. See what employees really think of instructor involvement and content quality.

6. Schedule Niche ILT Sessions For Targeted Training

Instructor-led training often gets a bad rep because of its one-size-fits-all approach. However, the same can be said for online training programs that fail to consider personal gaps and goals. The secret is scheduling targeted ILT sessions that focus on a single topic or pain point. For example, not everyone in your customer service department needs to work on their communication skills. But those who do can attend the optional (by invitation only) event to address the issue. Employees who are already pros at active listening, non-verbal cues, and other communication skills can attend another ILT session, like the one scheduled for next week that will help them with product knowledge or health and safety training. These can be hosted online or in-person based on your available resources and objectives.


An instructor-led training program that doesn’t put your SMB into the poor house is music to the accounting department’s ears. How do you know which LMS will seamlessly blend with your ILT strategy and deliver every item on your must-have list? Take your top choices out for a test drive. Read online reviews to see what users have to say about the UX. Then follow up with vendors to try out their support services and determine how they can help you achieve your objectives.

You don’t have to dig deep into your L&D pockets to launch a successful compliance training strategy. The right LMS can help you reduce expenses and keep your top talent in check. Use our online directory to find the best system for your SMB, even if you’re working with a tight budget and implementation timeline.

How do you know which software will seamlessly blend with your ILT strategy and deliver every item on your must-have list? Download the eBook Instructor-Led Training Tips for SMBs: Get Maximum ROI With The Right LMS for insider tips.

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