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Joe Biden Goes Around Congress Pushing Gun Control That Leads To A National Gun Registry


Joe Biden Universal Background Checks

Why are you still talking about background checks when 70% of mass shootings from 1982 to 2023 were committed with guns where the shooter passed a background check?

The reason why is that a universal background check is a perfect excuse to require a national gun registry.

You can’t enforce a universal background check without a national gun registry to check it against.

Governments want a national gun registry so that they can use it to confiscate guns from the law-abiding because the only people who will register their guns are law-abiding.

His executive action also targets Red Flag laws which are a childish solution to a complex adult issue. The idea is that anyone who “SEEMS” dangerous can have their guns taken away. But what constitutes someone SEEMing dangerous?

This means you can have someone’s rights taken away for not having the same beliefs.

You can’t deprive someone of their rights if they haven’t committed a crime.

If you live in a house with someone that has a red flag placed on them, you can’t have guns in your home either.

That’s not how this country works.

In his executive action, Joe Biden wants to use your tax dollars so the government can report how gun manufacturers market their guns to people who want to buy guns.

Think about that for a minute, and then tell me how Joe Biden and the gun control lobby aren’t against the 2nd amendment.

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