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Las Vegas Sphere Lights Up the Night! • This Week in Gambling


What a week to be in Sin City! First up, the new Las Vegas Sphere finally lit up the other night! People were mesmerized by the free show, and we have the video footage! Plus, there is now talk of a Las Vegas NBA team!

Check out our video of the Las Vegas Sphere, which was lit up for the very first time just a few days ago to help celebrate the 4th of July! It put on one hell of a show, and we’ll be featuring more videos of the Sphere in action over the next couple of weeks, as I head down to Nevada to do some filming in person. More on that in just a moment. Hello, my friends… and welcome to This Week in Gambling, where we’re not only talking about the Sphere, but the possibility that a Las Vegas NBA team will soon be a reality!

This week’s big story is that Las Vegas could soon get much much more from the NBA than simply hosting their Summer League games. They could get their very very own team! And if you’re anything like me, this leaves you wondering: How are they going to pull that off? I mean, Oakland doesn’t have a basketball team? Yes after convincing the Raiders, and probably the Athletics, to leave Oakland in favor of Las Vegas, the city is once again all abuzz with excitement that  they will be awarded an expansion team from the National Basketball Association as early as 2024.

In fact some in the city are so confident that they’re going to get this team they’ve already started planning the brand new basketball stadium! The Oakview Group of Los Angeles is planning to build  an NBA ready Arena on the south end of the Strip, located on this desolate piece of land near the Silverton Casino. The goal is to have the 20,000 seat Stadium complete, without any Public Funding, before the NBA votes on expansion next year. The 850,000 square foot building will be just one part of the planned $10 billion, 66-acre complex that will also includes resort with a casino and an Amphitheater!

And finally this week, as I mentioned at the beginning of this show, I will be filming in Las Vegas on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next next week… that’s starting July 17th. I’ll probably be out in front of the Horseshoe in the afternoon and early evening hours… so if you’re anywhere close come on down and crash my set. You know, just like every other drunk asshole walking down the Strip!

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