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Let's Talk about Wedding Manners and RSVP's


First to those who came to the wedding and to those who could not come and expressed they could not come, thank you. If you told me you could not come,gave a reason , were honest etc this isnt about you.

I was going to not address this but after hearing from my Dad, My Daughter and One of my closest friends and My Husbands family, I feel I am not out of bounds for addressing this situation.

Many of you remember sweet little Charlene who you could say or do something to and she wouldn’t say anything. I have NOT been her for many many years. You all have me totally confused.

I do not know if you all know in today’s world how much weddings cost. BUT more importantly than that it was supposed to be a rememberance and celebration of my Grandmothers life. So let’s get into that. I was not going to get married on any other day but May 14 2023, in honor of her.

I am sure some will say well it was a Sunday etc, or well it was Mother’s Day. If you told me that from the very beginning and then did not expect an invitation I am not speaking to you right now, as you were considerate enough to say so.

HERE is what I am addressing. Those of you who requested an invititation, those of you who said you WERE coming, those of you we took the time to send invitations to. YOU ALL DO UNDERSTAND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO RSVP RIGHT?

Again weddings take planning and are far from cheap. This was an extremely well executed, well planned wedding.

Even if invites went out later than the norm. PUBLIC SAVE THE DATES WERE PUT OUT 9 MOS BEFORE THE WEDDING.

It was all over my social media. The paper invites were just a formality!

It is RUDE and discourteous to not say anything. And knowing that this was about my Grandmother, who dedicated her lives to teaching some of you, many of your parents grandparents. Who loaned money to some of yalls parents. Who helped some of yalls parents get their first house or vehicle…. This woman who always showed support to her entire family and group of friends. This woman who almost never even missed a Sunday of church. I could sing her praises forever.. YOU ALL DID NOT CARE ENOUGH TO COME AND BE THERE IN HONOR OF HER.

There was a point in the wedding reception where I was supposed to give a speech about her and I didnt. I told them there was no one there who even knew her so there was no reason. The people there would not have understood what I was talking about. I did still have her photo, my mothers photo and my pop pops photo there along with a pic I drew of 211 Delaware Avenue.

I am pissed and upset that the turnout to honor HER was not better.

I am upset that you all didn’t rsvp and that some rsvped yes and then said nothing and didnt show up.

I watch yall on social media all the time traveling to concerts, cruises, EVERYWHERE under the sun NO MATTER what day of the week it is, many of you are retired, can work from home, can travel and work. So there really was no reason that no one cared enough to be there for me and for my Grandmothers memory.

My Groom’s family at the reception even asked where my family was.

My Dad texted on Friday night to say he felt sad and that I should not have been treated that way.

My daughter does not even want me to call the people who treated me that way family or friends anymore. She says that yall showed me that yall do not care.

My Groom was also saddened by the fact that it appeared that no one loved or cared enough for me to be there.

One of my closest friends and officiant said she was so angry on my behalf but was happy that I was still able to be happy on my wedding day.

To be honest I extend an olive branch ONCE, and I did that in this situation. I will NEVER do it again.

A person or people only have to show me once how they feel about me.

So the Olive Branch is now broken. I now know who my family is and isnt. I know who my friends are and arent.

Also if you want to discuss what I have said here, please feel free to CONTACT me personally. I am not going to go back and forth in comments. DM me or text me or call me.

Thats all folks!


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