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Martha Stewart becomes the oldest model in history to cover Sports Illustrated Swimsuit


81-year-old Martha Stewart becomes the oldest model in history to cover Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

00:00 Intro
01:46 Oops: Here’s what happened to yesterdays episode..

☕ Cup of Coffee in the Big Time ☕
04:12 Would you rather: Internet or Air Conditioning
05:35 NHL finals update
05:58 Will looking fantastic
06:48 92-year-old George Soros is still alive
07:45 Caught on camera: Tiger shark attacks kayak off coast of Hawaii + WWII fun fact about tiger sharks
11:11 Miller Lite slammed for ‘woke women in bikinis’ commercial from March as Bud Light controversy continues
15:56 John Durham’s report on Trump-Russia probe released
20:57 Rudy Giuliani sued for $10 million by former aide over alleged sexual assault, lawsuit accuses Rudy Giuliani of offering to sell Trump pardons
23:51 Elon Musk documents subpoenaed in Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit by U.S. Virgin Islands

🥛Cream of the Crop🥛
24:18 81-year-old Martha Stewart becomes the oldest model in history to cover Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
28:25 Ridiculous: Peacock app x NFL is happening

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36:11 Priests in France to wear QR codes to prove they’re not sex offenders

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50:43 Mormon church has $100B ‘clandestine hedge fund’, says whistleblower

56:48 Colorado man tries to trade places with dog to avoid DUI arrest

01:02:06 The Wheel

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