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Mercedes S-560 Sedan Level B6 Armor HIGH SECURITY LUXURY PRESIDENTIAL PACKAGE • Red/Blue LED Strobe Lights Front & Rear – Law Enforcement Protocol • White LED Strobes Strobe Lights Front & Rear – State Dept / US Secret Service compliant • Siren and PA Package • Indoor/ Outdoor Intercom (for communication at critical checkpoints) Armor Build Specifications 2. Standard Security Features and Accessories: • B6 Armor Package • Vehicle suspension professionally upgraded to accommodate the vehicle armor weight. • Run-flat devices fitted in all vehicles’ tires, Including full size spare • Partially Operational Driver Window • Battery, fuse box and ECM armored • B6 Rated Armored Roof with CertifiedSteel • B6 Rated Armored Firewall with CertifiedStell • Fuel tank Armored with Certified Steel Cover • Floor armored to provide occupants blast protection against simultaneous detonation of (2) DM51 German hand grenade ordnance or equivalent • Tailpipe protection to prevent insertion of foreignobjects We’re all at greater risk now when traveling by vehicle down a street or highway. It’s all over the news. But, for those with higher safety demands and the modest means to address their concerns, we have solutions. Yes, there is a way to ride very comfortably and in safety at the same time! Mossad can now get you, your family or coworkers safely from Point A to Point B. We have four vehicle types to choose from to best custom fit the vehicle to your needs. Your decision could save lives! Call now for a FREE price quote.

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