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Mirage Volcano (Temporarily) Closed for Race • This Week in Gambling


Yes, the Mirage Volcano attraction is coming down. In its place, Hard Rock will put up the monstrosity that will become a guitar shaped hotel. But in the meantime, there’s the big Las Vegas F1 race coming… and that means that the volcano is closed temporarily before it’s closed for good.

Yes, the folks at F1 are not the most popular among Las Vegas residents and business owners these days. Not only has constriction of race infrastructure resulted in the city thrown into chaos, but one of the construction workers actually died from job related injuries last month.

Additionally, the re-paving of roads and installation of lighting, grandstands, and safety barriers have destroyed Vegas traffic. And it’s those things forcing Hard Rock to put the Mirage Volcano on ice, so to speak, for about a month. Once the race is over and things return to normal, they will fire it up again.

The tentative date that Vegas visitors will be able to catch the Mirage Volcano again is December 8th. However, we all know that return will be short lived. Sometimes the progress of this city takes away something we love. But, since no specific date has been set for it to close, here’s to hoping Hard Rock changes course.

As for the crew over at F1, they have not made many friends in town. Not only have the caused delays and inconvenience, but there are stories of them threatening local business owners. So far, overwhelming opinion of Vegas residents is that F1 and their race are just not worth all the trouble.

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