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Russia’s humiliating retreat captured in aerial video as Putin’s frontline collapses | World | News


The moment of Russia’s desperate retreat from its frontline in Ukraine has been captured in astonishing footage. Ukrainian troops tracking the Russian withdrawal released video of the moment several Russian tanks and vehicles fled Izyum. It marks the most significant Ukrainian advance since Russia withdrew from areas around Kyiv in April.

Izyum had been used by Russian forces as a launch pad for attacks in Donetsk.

BILD journalist Julian Ropcke tweeted: “Pictures for eternity. The defeated Russian army flees southern Kharkiv oblast over the river Oskol.

“This is the army, fleeing #Izyum. I would guess, this is an agreed-upon withdrawal route.

“The latest #RussianArmy map shows, Russian invasion forces withdrew to the river Oskol and abandoned ALL positions West of it.”

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On Saturday, Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko said that Izyum had been liberated in half a day after “Russians spent one month to take it in spring”.

Other videos posted online showed the rushed Russian abandonment of the formerly occupied territory.

Clips on social media from recently recaptured towns and villages illustrate the scale of the humiliation, showing military hardware and ammunition left behind by fleeing Russians.

Ukrainian politicians also shared morale-boosting videos of the country’s soldiers raising the national flag in various towns and villages.

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