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Social Sobriety with Ian Fidance | Sal Vulcano & Chris Distefano: Hey Babe! | EP 105



SORRY FOR THE DELAY BABES!!!! @chrisdcomedy is joined by Ian Fidance from @BeinIanPod for this weeks HEY BABE! Sal will be back in Jan! Chris is getting over the flu. Ian didn’t know that. Ian doesnt have AIDS! Flu is on the rise babes be careful! MAKE YOU SICK LONG TIME! Ian had a 9 inch needle put inside him. Man falls off a cruise ship and survives in shark filled waters! The film The Whale is getting some heat in the press. Social media is a toxic drug! The movie cocaine bear looks INSANE! Man has the heart of a teenage girl. Chris is learning how awful being a homeowner is. Chris wants to learn how to do man stuff like building. Thanksgiving was HELL for Chris. A one armed man does an insane over head press. Liver King got caught lying about his diet and lifestyle. The Crypto world is falling apart after FTX. Tripe is disgusting! We end on a few jokes from the amazing Ian! Check him out live ianfidance.com for tickets!

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Hey Babe! is a podcast where comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your hair down & come hang out with the BABES!

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00:00 Sal is Ian Fidance
1:43 Fatigued Babe
3:19 Sick sick but Lucky Ian
7:22 Fell off Cruise ship and then roasted!
9:55 The Whale
10:52 Cocaine Bear is Wild
14:01 Binged Avengers
14:27 Worst Movies
15:55 Hey Babe Ads
18:40 No Social Media Withdrawal
20:00 Focusing on Your Circle
22:12 Its About Real Connection not quick dopamine
27:54 Inherited a Heart
31:11 Ian Builds a Wall
33:10 Trade School Chrissy
36:55 Tool Shopping Babes!
39:50 Who’s fence is it?
41:35 Work Defines a man??
42:15 Being a Parent and Homeowner is Exhausting
44:03 Tri State Thanksgiving
47:12 Strong Strong Kid
48:50 Do you like Fruit Cake?
49:40 Steroid Belly + Crypto Mistake
56:20 Liver boy Rat
59:31 Tripe is Gross
1:00:57 Pig Head
1:01:55 Printer God
1:03:01 is Ian Jesus??

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