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Speak Up: As Delaware lawmakers enter final stretch, some gun bills still up in the air


A package of gun-safety legislation the governor and Senate Democratic leadership introduced at the beginning of the month — closely following mass shootings in New York and Texas — is expected to receive final votes before the end of the General Assembly session Thursday.

  • So, the people that have legally bought guns will now have to jump through hoops to keep them, yet the criminals arrested with firearms and ammo get released on little or no bail. It does seem like the legally obtained guns typically are the problem in liberal minds. David Szelestei
  • Debated? Are you joking? The Dems are cramming the bills through without even knowing what’s in some of them. The hearings have been a joke. All they want is to try and get in Biden’s good graces. Just look at the timing. If they are so important then why hasn’t Carney signed any yet? They forced some through already and are ready to be signed, but I think they are waiting for Biden to be back in the U.S. for a photo op. They said “kids lives matter” and that’s why we needed these unconstitutional laws right away, but apparently kids lives only matter in order to get your 15 minutes of political fame. Or in their case shame. Pathetic. Vote them out! Grant Jones
  • Wow. Looks like Delaware takes their gun safety responsibility seriously. Mark Walter
  • None of these bills will change the gun violence happening in this state. If they wanted to get serious, they start stop and frisk, bust the gangs weekly and go after the criminals committing most of the crimes. That would also require an AG that doesn’t side with the criminals, like the one we have now. The only way to reduce violent crime is to punish those committing these crimes. Steve Durnan
  • Most will get overturned in court. Bob Hice
  • Guns have more rights than females. Fin Chaser

Abortion access bill advances to Delaware Senate

Lawmakers in a Delaware Senate committee forwarded a bill on recently  that would expand abortion access in the state and shield providers of reproductive health care from laws targeting them in other states. House Bill 455 would allow physicians assistants, certified nurse midwife and certified nurse practitioners to perform abortions.

  • Abortion up until birth? Sending the decisions back to the states will show just how much Democrats don’t care about the unborn. Ryan Fenimore
  • If you don’t want an abortion, then don’t get one. Mind your own business. Charlie Harper

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