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Stacey Colbert – I Think He Did It, But I Just Can't Prove It


Stacey Colbert disappeared from her Governor’s Square apartment in NW Columbus, Ohio off Kenny Road between Henderson and Bethel on Sunday March 22, 1998. Her upstairs neighbors reported hearing horrifying screams, crashing and banging noises coming from her apartment at 4am on Sunday March 22, 1998. They did not call the police.

On Tuesday, March 24, 1998, Stacey Colbert’s sister contacted the Columbus Ohio Police Department as 23-year-old Stacey had not reported to work for an executive level presentation she had meticulously prepared. Stacey’s apartment was found unlocked with no evidence of burglary or theft. There was no sign of forced entry, her car was in her usual parking spot, her clothes, keys, and credit cards were found in her apartment and her indoor cat was found outside. The only items missing were 2 pieces of jewelry she never took off: her PiDrop necklace and an Amethyst ring. Homicide investigators were immediately involved in the initial missing person case.

In the weeks following her disappearance, her missing posters would be plastered around the surrounding areas including the campus of The Ohio State University. Also multiple vigils were held.

Stacey Colbert graduated from The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business, in August 1997 and was beginning her career working in the marketing department at American Electric Power at the time of her disappearance from NW Columbus, Ohio. Stacey was an early riser and an avid jogger. She was a high-achieving, bright, sweet person with a heart that saw the best in everyone. She lived a clean life and had no enemies. She lined up professional internships every summer during college and was just starting what would have been a successful career at AEP.

Police believe Stacey knew her attacker/attackers and let him/them into her apartment. To this day, there are multiple suspects that have repeatedly refused to take polygraph tests or cooperate with the police.

Stacey’s remains were found on November 27, 2004, 6 years after her disappearance in a different Ohio county (Delaware) from where she went missing (Franklin). In 1999, a year after her disappearance, the area where her skeletal remains would be found 5 years later is brush-cleared. On November 27, 2004, a hunter looking for his lost dog finds Stacey’s skull. 70% of Stacey’s skeletal remains would be found over the next several days. The coroner confirmed the remains had been there for a minimum of two years and that Stacey had a broken ankle and rib that had healed. We know the ankle was a tennis or dancing incident. We don’t know how she broke her rib or how it healed. Her remains were found in a remote area of Northern Delaware County between the Scioto River and State Route 257N at the edge of a cornfield north of Fulton Creek Road near Radnor, Ohio in Thompson Township. You don’t stumble upon this location, her killer had to have been familiar with the area. Someone knows something, it’s time to speak up!

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If you have any tips or information on Stacey Colbert’s March 1998 disappearance or murder in Columbus, Ohio, 7 months after her August 1997 graduation from The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business, please contact:

Sargent Jeff Bessinger
email: jbessinger@co.delaware.oh.us
cell: 740-833-2892
or email: finishingstaceysfight@gmail.com
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