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The Delaware Cadillac Show 2022 #7 – Happy Easter! Join us for a family Easter Egg Hunt!


The Delaware Cadillac Show – 2022 Show #7

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0:00 – Intro
0:24 Happy Easter Kaitlyn!?
1:45 Wait, a Leprechaun?
2:27 Kaitlyn & her son join the Easter Fun
3:10 Do you know where you’re at?
4:37 XT4 Offer
6:00 XT5 Offer
7:41 XT4 Certified Pre-Owned Offer
8:25 XT6 Offer – Finance
9:23 Hi, Easter Bunny
10:41 XT6 Offer – Lease
12:16 What’s the best part of Easter?
13:20 Easter bunny dance and wrap up

Happy Easter! Join Kaitlyn and her son, along with the Easter Bunny and Delaware Cadillac Sales Manager, Harry Boyer, on an Easter Egg Hunt for New Cadillac Offers!

Thank You so much to Kaitlyn and her son, the Easter Bunny, and John Hammerer, Delaware Cadillac Detailer, aka Kaitlyn’s Stunt Double!

And Special Thanks to Kaitlyn’s Fiance, Wayne, for allowing their son to share in our Easter Egg hunt!



The Delaware Cadillac Show features Miss America Finalist Kaitlyn Schoeffel, and Delaware Cadillac Sales Manager Harry Boyer.

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