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{timestamps} Princess Ivanka doesn't want a financial monitor. Coward Bragg finally moves on Trump?


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00:00 Welcome!

2:30 CBS news has “confirmed” that the data retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop is “real,” and not altered or a product of Russian disinformation. What will this mean, going forward? https://bit.ly/3Az77HJ

“Within a month, the public will have everything that we’ve found, all the evidence. For good or ill.” The J6 committee is releasing everything not only to the DOJ but to the general public. What will be the ultimate outcome? https://cbsn.ws/3Xy7JHN
Ivanka has been trying to carve out an exception for herself when it comes to the financial monitoring in the Trump Org case by pointing out she’s had nothing to do with the running of the company since 2017. Some are worried that this will give her the ability to shift funds, while others think this is another sign she’s cutting ties–and possibly flipping on–her family. Is she trying to be on the up and up? https://bit.ly/3Oqvldd
Trump has told the GOP to “endorse him” or “suffer the consequences.” No one really knows what said consequences ARE, but he’s definitely stomping his foot about something. What will happen? https://bit.ly/3VifteH
The defense lawyer for one of the J6 participants, Jeffrey Schaefer, called out Trump during his sentencing hearing and said that it wasn’t fair that Trump and others are still free and running for office, while those who were called to do Trump’s dirty work are in jail. Will MAGAs wake up to the fact they were and are still essentially puppets?
54:00 Will the Jan 6 big wig politicians finally be held accountable like the violent participants? https://bit.ly/3AAfqDb
58:00 Alvin Bragg going after Trump about Stormy Daniels?
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