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U2 Opens the Sphere in Las Vegas! • This Week in Gambling


The Sphere in Las Vegas finally opened its doors this weekend, with legendary rock group U2 taking the stage! We have a look inside the venue, as well as some concert footage! Plus, information on the brand new free U2 attraction at the Venetian!

The Sphere in Las Vegas has officially opened, and not just on the outside! This 17,000 seat arena welcomed guest for the very first time over the weekend, and legendary rock group U2 was center stage for the very first show! Hello, my friends! And welcome to This Week in Gambling, where the word on the Las Vegas Strip is the Sphere lives up to all the hype! And as we mentioned, U2 was the very first act. And some people feel it out shined the venue! Their 25 show UV Achtung Baby residency kicked off with Vertigo and ran through generations of their hits, from Mysterious Ways to Desire… and everyone who’s been to the Sphere seems to agree, it’s something you just have to experience for yourself.

One thing is quite clear, however: And that is everyone who attends a show or a concert at the Sphere in Las Vegas is going to be deeply touched… some more than others. I mean we’re all used to paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to see a show. Now the Sphere is charging over $20 for a beer? Come on, man! Reports from those who attended the concerts over the weekend say that a beer cost $22, and a freaking bottle of water will set you back 10 bucks! Not only that, if you want to park at the Sphere get ready to Shell out a minimum of $100! But don’t worry. The Sphere has Loan Officers on duty to help you with financing options.

Actually, we will be in Las Vegas next week for the Global Gaming Expo. Earlier this summer we gave away two tickets to a Sphere show, and so we will be taking two of our lucky viewers to see Postcard from Earth at the Sphere. If you missed out on that little freebie, and you’re a U2 fan, listen up… because there’s a free attraction at the Venetian called U2 Zoo Station. A 12,000 foot, interactive attraction billed as a U2 experience. It features exclusive content, photos, videos, and band merchandise. Zoo Station is located in the Venetian, near the waterfall atrium entrance, and is open Tuesday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. while the band is in Residence.

And finally this week, an update on a story from a couple of weeks ago. As I’m sure you remember, both Caesars and MGM were the victim of a Cyber Attack. Their computer systems went down, they lost millions of dollars a day, they exposed the private data of their customers, and now some of those customers are suing them over the breach. And you thought you were having a bad month! These lawsuits allege that the companies failed to protect customers private data… and failed to inform custom customers about the breach in a timely manner… Yeah I can see that. And they are seeking an undisclosed amount of financial damages. So, we’ll keep an eye on that. You know, I once had my identity stolen. About a month afterwards, my credit score shot up 60 points.

Be sure to see our look inside the Sphere in Las Vegas: First Look Inside the Las Vegas Sphere!

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