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Worry Over a Las Vegas Strike Continues • This Week in Gambling


The possibility of a Las Vegas strike involving more than 50,000 hospitality workers grows every day. Unions approved a city wide strike on October 6th, so those workers could walk off the job at any time. Now we wait to see if cooks, bartenders, maids, and other service related employees strike and throw the city and tourists into chaos. Plus, we’ve also got information on the newest Las Vegas casino project.

Hello friends, and welcome to This Week in Gambling! And hey, by the time most of you are watching this video I’m going to be in Las Vegas for the Global Gaming Expo... provided the whole damn City isn’t on strike! If you haven’t heard, a few weeks ago unions representing over 50,000 employees at these Las Vegas Resorts authorized a Las Vegas strike… a strike which could begin at any any time.

Workers want more money. I know, try to look surprised. And while no deadline has been set yet, can you imagine the utter chaos? The complete shit storm they will cause if they walk off the job, say, right before the big F1 race? If a Las Vegas strike does happen, good luck finding a cook, a bartender, or a maid anywhere in town. And there’s not going to be anyone to wash those dirty disgusting towels and sheets of yours either! But all is not lost: You will still be able to get a girl sent to your room in 30 minutes or less… I’ve been told.

I’m standing out here on the west side of Las Vegas, not far from the Fremont Street area and not that far from the Strip, actually. And this area may not look like much now, but there are big plans to put a brand new casino and hotel behind me on this piece of property right here: The Harlem Nights Hotel and Casino is designed to reflect and support the community here on the West side of Las Vegas.

Just a short drive from downtown Las Vegas sits the historic West Side, along with the 7,000 square foot Tokyo Casino, and not much else. But if a new developer has their way, this is the future home of the Harlem Knights Resort and Casino. Lisa Mayo DeRizo represents Harlem Knights ownership, and she explained why the project is a perfect fit for this location.

Plans for this 1920s, Harlem themed, $700 million project include a 300 foot tower with apartments and guest rooms. There will also be a casino, a theater, and a restaurant… and even a top floor bar! There’s still a long way to go before any construction would begin, and Las Vegas is littered with the shattered dreams of many other projects. But here’s to hoping that Harlem Nights can beat the odds and become a reality!

In addition to the possibility of a Las Vegas strike, we have coverage of a new sidewalk vendor ban in the city which will effect those salespeople you can’t get away from on The Strip. Plus, news on the remains of the Las Vegas Super Wheel coming down, and a review for the Rhino Rilla Rex online slot.


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