TikTok Tests New Desktop-Based Tools for Creators and Marketers

TikTok’s working on some new tools to help creators maximize their performance, this time via new desktop-based creator tools, including a new Creator Center UI which provides more analytics insights and updated discovery tools, utilizing conversational AI.

First off, on the new Creator Center. Now, in the desktop version of the app, some users with a Business account are seeing a new format for the analytics UI, which better lays out the various data points in full-screen.

TikTok Creative Center

As you can see in this example, shared by Ahmed Ghanem, the new format makes it easier to research your content performance, and audience response, with dedicated, full-screen displays of all the numbers that you need to know.

That could make it easier to manage your TikTok presence from your desktop PC, which, for social media managers operating across various platforms, could be a big help.

TikTok has also continued to improve its Creative Center, where creators can access all of its various insights tools, including Top Ads, trends, keyword insights and more.

TikTok recently added a new conversational chatbot guide to help Creative Center users find what they’re after in the app.

TikTok Creative Center

As you can see, the new conversational UI makes it easier to get to relevant sections and tools, with examples of what you can ask it to find for you in-stream.

TikTok has had another solid year, and while it may not be seeing the same growth momentum that it once was, it remains a critical consideration for social media marketers, and could be a key element of your 2024 strategy.

And if you’re looking to make TikTok a bigger focus, then these updates could help.

The updated Creator Center format is being tested with selected users, while the new chatbot is now available in TikTok’s Creative Center.  

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