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I’ve been blogging for many years now, but when I started, I didn’t know any other bloggers. Over the years, I’ve connected with many of them as we’ve built our businesses. It’s great to meet other women and men who have similar passions for a healthy lifestyle and natural living. 

Through sites like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, and others, I was able to connect with many of these bloggers when I first started. As I’ve built my business, I’ve traveled, attended conferences, and spoken at events. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many bloggers and health influencers in person. We’ve all grown a lot together over the years! I’ve even been able to get to know some of them even better since they live near me. Some of my fellow bloggers are dear friends of mine.

Here’s a list of the health blogs I read or have enjoyed in the past. They cover a variety of health topics and wellness tips for a healthier lifestyle. I’ve enjoyed getting to know each of these authors over the years and I hope you find them helpful and informative too!

You’ll find real food recipes, DIY products, and natural health news.

Health and Wellness Blogs

Whole New Mom – Adrienne faced a ton of health challenges throughout her life and in her family. She writes about her experience of healing her health issues through real food healthy recipes and healthy living.

Growing Up Herbal – Meagan is an RN turned herbalist and publishes great herbal recipes, healthy eating options, and information about natural living.

Health, Home, and Happiness – Cara has a great blog that offers lots of wonderful resources for GAPS and allergy-free living for a healthier life. If you or your family are struggling with health conditions like gut issues and allergies this is a great resource.

Frugally Sustainable – This blog is about focusing on what’s important in life, without a lot of unnecessary stuff. It has great info about homesteading, sustainability, and herbal/natural remedies.

Mama Natural – Tons of info on pregnancy, nursing, babies and toddlers, natural parenting, and women’s health on this blog. She also reviews which products and supplements are best for moms and babies. Genevieve and her husband Michael have a great YouTube channel with videos as well. Plus you can check out the podcast Genevieve and I did together.

Civilized Caveman – I love the paleo recipes on this blog, especially all of the grain-free dessert options. My kids love making these special treats!

Mommypotamus – I always joke that Heather and I think so much alike we must share a brain! She blogs about natural living, real food, DIY beauty recipes, and more. We’ve also done quite a few podcast episodes together over the years.

Nourished Kitchen – Jenny’s blog has great real food recipes — traditionally prepared, seasonal, whole foods, and minimally processed. I love that she features recipes for each season. Cooking real food is one of the best ways to take your own health into your own hands (without needing to hire a personal trainer or nutritionist!).

Kitchen Stewardship – Katie is a TEDx speaker and created her own course to teach kids how to cook (which you can see for yourself here!). She shares delicious recipes, health information, and natural living how-to on her blog. You can also find the podcast episodes where I interview her here.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop – This blog covers health & wellness shortcuts, easy recipes, and simple advice. Kelly has a ton of nutritious recipes that focus on healthy food options.

Food Renegade – Kristen is a health and nutrition educator. She offers resources to decode labels, along with real food recipes and health info.

Empowered Sustenance – Lauren’s blog offers intuitive eating, nutrition, and lifestyle information with lots of great recipes and health tips. In recent years she’s focused more on mental health and well-being (which is so important!) You can listen to our podcast episode here.

Crunchy Betty – This healthy living blog has DIY natural beauty recipes, along with crunchy home and conscious living tips. There are plenty of health benefits to self-care, and Betty has some great DIYs that do just that!

What kind of blog topics and posts do you enjoy reading? Share below!

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