Fallout TV Show Dart Gun Already Modded Into Game

Lucy’s handy-dandy silver-plated tranquilizer gun in the Fallout TV show is a mostly original creation designed for the Amazon Prime adaption. But fans move fast, and the weapon has already been brought to Fallout 4 via a talented modder.

I’m only a few episodes into the Fallout TV show, and I agree with the general take that it is pretty dang good. And while the show is filled with details and items ripped directly from the games—like the vault suits, stimpacks, and Pip-Boys—one of my favorite things in the show is not from the games, not directly at least. In the first episode of the series, Lucy—one of the main characters in the series and the show’s main vault dweller—grabs and uses a silver tranquilizer dart gun. It seems partially inspired by the syringer weapon seen in Fallout 4, but is more compact and sleek. And now this neat new addition to Fallout is available as a free mod.

As spotted by VG247, modder Neeher released the “Select Blaster,” aka their version of Lucy’s dart gun, on April 11. According to the modder, who is also working on the fantastic-looking Fallout: London fan expansion, they’ve been working on adding Lucy’s gun to Fallout 4 ever since they saw a Vanity Fair article about the show last year.

Neheer / Bethesda

Neeher says many fans correctly guessed at the time that Lucy’s cool new pistol would be a tranquilizer-like weapon, so the modder built it to function like that in Fallout 4. However, it can become much more than that, if you so desire.

“Many people assumed correctly that it was going to be a tranquilizer weapon,” explained Neeher on the mod’s Nexus page. “I didn’t really want it to be just that though, this pistol looked more like an energy blaster to me! So, this mod is my take on that weapon shown in the show. It can be a tranquilizer if you want it to be, it can be used as a Syringer, and it can also be an energy weapon too!”

Once you’ve installed the Fallout 4 mod—which is also available on Xbox—the Select Blaster can be found inside Vault 114 in the Overseer’s office, in a weapon case on the wall. Once you’ve grabbed the new gun you can then craft it at chem benches in the wasteland.

And hey, soon enough you’ll be able to use this mod while you play a better version of Fallout 4, thanks to a free update coming later this month, as recently announced by Bethesda.


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